ethan boisvert

Ethan Boisvert


As an artist I have been most interested in exploring arrangement of form and color in a way that a narrative arises. In my early 20’s I broke free of all indexical imagery so that all work would need to be understood on the most primal level, not to be confused with cultural understandings or even object recognition. I never wanted a painting to be felt because someone simply recognizes a face or object. It was always to be the power of the paint. I often start with lines out of thin air like a musician with a simple base line and build the melodies and structure upon that. As of recent, after engaging with street photography yet again, now in NYC, and seeing an abundance of art, developing an even deeper curiosity for folk art, pre- renaissance painting, and hieroglyphics, I feel its time to take the work to another level. Whether it is going up or down, I do not know. As of now I am really enjoying the practice of forging biographical events in iconic form, with bizarre rhythms, texture, and color creating an abstraction I hope raises as much questions as it does answers.